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Actual cleaning of wuxi environmental protection equipment may exist what problems

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Actual cleaning of wuxi environmental protection equipment may exist what problems

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In the process of using the fermenter, how to clean correctly is an important problem, so in the actual process of cleaning the fermenter what are the problems, let's take a look at the relevant instructions.

Environmental deduster equipment manufacturers talk about the fermentation process will produce a large number of protein, hop resin, polysaccharides, yeast and other organic matter and calcium oxalate, sulfate and other inorganic matter, in the fermentation tank empty, organic matter and inorganic dirt adhere to the wall of the high temperature fan, brown. When cleaning with a single nitric acid cleaning, only inorganic has a certain effect, almost ineffective for organic matter. However, it is difficult to use a single cleaning agent to clean the dirt on the wall of fermentation tank because it is a mixture of inorganic and organic matter.

Wuxi environmental protection equipment manufacturer explained that part of the anti-corrosion layer T541 on the wall of the fermentation tank was damaged. After repair, the surface finish decreased obviously, which caused the difficulty in cleaning the dirt on the tank wall. The wear and tear or blockage of the can washer or the washing ball lead to incomplete cleaning of part of the fermenter and more accumulation of dirt. The factors that affect the cleaning effect are cleaning intensity, cleaning agent temperature, cleaning agent type and concentration, cleaning time, fermenter wall roughness, etc.

The monitoring part of the fermenter is introduced by the manufacturer of the shell of the electric furnace. The general monitoring system consists of three parts: measuring element: thermometer, pressure gauge, galvanometer, pH meter can directly measure various parameters of the fermentation process and output corresponding signals. Control part: its function is mainly to compare various parameter signals measured by the measuring element with pre-determined values, and adjust the output signal command execution element.

Executive component: it accepts the command of the control part to open or close the relevant valve, pump, switch and other adjustment control mechanism, so that the relevant parameters reach the predetermined position.


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