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Basic requirements for shell matching of electric furnace manufacturer

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Basic requirements for shell matching of electric furnace manufacturer

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Electric furnace manufacturers shell matching manufacturers to introduce the qualified fermenter should have what basic requirements, what needs to meet the conditions, below we have a look at the basic conditions of fermenter related description.

Basic conditions of fermentation tank mechanical stirring fermentation tank is to use the role of mechanical agitator, so that the air and fermentation broth fully mixed, to promote the oxygen dissolved in the fermentation broth, to ensure the supply of microbial growth and reproduction, fermentation required oxygen. The fermenter should have a tight pneumatic ball valve structure, which can withstand repeated sterilization by steam, smooth inner wall and good corrosion resistance, so as to facilitate complete sterilization and reduce the impact of metal ions on biological reactions.

The fermentation tank should have good gas-liquid-solid contact and mixing performance and efficient heat, mass and momentum transfer performance; Reduce the energy consumption of fermentation tank while maintaining the requirement of biological reaction. Good heat exchange performance to maintain the biological reaction suitable for temperature; There are feasible pipeline proportion and instrument control, suitable for sterilization operation and automation control.


During the process of using the fermenter, we found that many of the structural properties of the fermenter brought us a lot of convenience. Let's take a look at the relevant explanation of the convenient structural characteristics of the fermenter.

The fermentation tank structure is convenient for online CIP cleaning and SIP disinfection (121°C/0.1MPa). Designed according to the requirements of hygiene level, the structure design is humanized and easy to operate. Smooth transmission, low noise. Suitable high temperature fan diameter to height ratio design, customized stirring device, energy saving, stirring, fermentation effect is good.

Discussion on internal tank surface mirror polishing (roughness Ra≤0.4 m); The opening of the inlet and outlet pipe, sight mirror, manhole and other processes and the welding of the inner tank are all using the stretching flanging process arc transition, smooth and easy to clean without dead Angle, to ensure the reliability and stability of the production process, in line with the "cGMP" and other specifications.

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