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QS- cyclone dust collector

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QS- cyclone dust collector

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Dry type cyclone with a bypass, as a result of the action of the bypass, with dust and gas in the separation of fine dust, improve the efficiency of the cyclone, so is a kind of efficient cyclone, this kind of dust collector is experimental group, the original coal mine design and research institute of Beijing filter entrusted by the original JianGongBu building standard design coordination committee, in 1967, survey design, bi industrial experiment was carried out in 1968, 1969, heating and ventilation type figure, in recent years, through the practice test, the dust catcher is relatively mature.

Product overview

According to the different positions installed before and after the fan, it is suction type and press-in type, in which the suction type is to add an outlet volute to the dust collector body. The press-in type is divided into N type (left turn) and S type (right turn) according to the rotation direction of the volute

There are seven specifications.

A. Disassemble the pipe connecting the dust collector to it.

B. Lift up the dust collector from the support.

C. Remove the cochlear chamber (type X) and the lower cone from the upper part of the dust collector.

1, often keep the surface of the dust collector clean, such as oil off the phenomenon should be added paint.

2. The dust collector shall determine the cleaning cycle according to the place of use and the nature and concentration of dust.

3. The dust collector should be decomposed according to the following steps when cleaning.

4, can use clean water, alkali water or compressed air to clean, can also be not easy to clean dirt with a brush scrub.

5. After cleaning, use clean water to wash off the remaining alkali traces.

6. The assembly and installation methods shall be carried out in reverse order.


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