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Some factors to pay attention to when choosing environmental dedusting equipment

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Some factors to pay attention to when choosing environmental dedusting equipment

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Wuxi environmental protection equipment manufacturers talk about us in the procurement of dust removal equipment, in addition to the price is often to see whether the dust removal equipment with some characteristics of our needs, what are the common needs? Environmental dedusting equipment manufacturers explain to you:

1. Handle air volume

Treatment air volume refers to the amount of gas that can be cleaned by the dust removal equipment per unit time. The units are m3/h (m3/h) or m3/h (Nm3/h).

2. Acid and base of soot

Understanding the acidity and alkalinity of soot is beneficial to the selection of dust collector and acid-base treatment.

3. Imported dust concentration

That is, inlet dust concentration, determined by the dust point process, is another important factor after air volume treatment in the design or selection of the dust collector.

4. Service temperature

The operating temperature depends on two factors. The high temperature of the filter material and the gas temperature must be higher than the dew point temperature.



5. Length-diameter ratio of the filter element

The ratio of the length of the filter cartridge to the diameter refers to the ratio of the length of the filter cartridge to the diameter.

6. Dust concentration at the exit

The dust concentration at the outlet refers to the discharge concentration of the dust collector. The expression method is the same as the dust concentration at the inlet. The dust concentration at the outlet shall be based on the local environmental requirements or user requirements.

7. Pressure loss

Dust pressure loss refers to the pressure drop or resistance from the inlet to the outlet of the dust removal equipment.

8. Work pressure

The working pressure of the dedusting equipment is determined according to the static pressure value of the dedusting equipment and the device before and after its installation position and the fan, which is also the design pressure value of the precipitator.

9. Filtration speed of dust removal equipment

Filter speed is an important factor in the design and selection of dust collector. It is defined as the rate at which the filtering gas passes through the filtering material, or the ratio of the volume of air passing through the filtering material to the area of the filtering material.

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