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Specific instructions on the decommissioning technology of fermenter

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Specific instructions on the decommissioning technology of fermenter

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Environmental dedusting equipment manufacturer introduces the technology of fermentation tank consolidation and elimination mainly includes the following steps:

1. After the feeding and emptying, start feeding. When the feeding is about 2/3 volume, start stirring. Because the material gelatinized and expanded when the explosion-proof heater was heating, the first variable capacity. When the temperature reaches 70℃, constant volume.

2, liquefaction, the bottom directly into the steam heating to about 75℃, turn off the steam, add 50℃ water evenly mixed with the central -amylase, to prevent the enzyme caking, according to the production needs to adjust the amount of adding, a small amount of air through the inlet pipe, and somerset for 10~15min, close the intake.

3, solid, rinse the manhole covers, cover the lid for real, first put out, the remaining water in the steam pipeline and steam, three road tank bottom all the way, all the way into the duct, sampling tube all the way, all at the same time open the roof exhaust valve, air cock under small cock and pressure gauge, let steam out, after the first big small, tank pressure to rise to 1.2 KGF/cm2, the temperature of 121 ℃, the gradually down the exhaust valve, heat/pressure 25 ~ 30 min.

Electric furnace manufacturers shell matching manufacturers shallowly talk about the time to maintain pressure, off steam, at this point should be from the filter into the sterile air. Open the exhaust valve, close all valves on the top of the tank, open the cooling water to cool the fermentation tank, and wait for the temperature to cool to about 35℃ for inoculation.

Basic conditions of fermentation tank mechanical stirring fermentation tank is the use of mechanical agitator, so that the air and fermentation broth fully mixed, to promote oxygen dissolved in the fermentation broth, to ensure the supply of microbial growth and reproduction, fermentation required oxygen. The fermenter should have a tight pneumatic ball valve structure, which can withstand repeated sterilization by steam, smooth inner wall and good corrosion resistance, so as to facilitate complete sterilization and reduce the impact of metal ions on biological reactions.


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