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What are the characteristics of an air-lift fermentator?

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What are the characteristics of an air-lift fermentator?

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Each fermenter has different product characteristics. Have you ever known the characteristics of the air-lift fermenter? Below we nanjing runze for you to sort out the relevant description, look at the characteristics of the air lift fermenter.

Electric furnace manufacturers shell supporting manufacturers note that compared with mechanical stirring type fermenting tank, the air-lift fermenting tank saves 70% to 80% of the electricity and reduces the cost. High heat transfer and oxygen transfer efficiency, can meet a variety of aerobic microorganisms in any region and season of fermentation production. This equipment USES the circulating fan, has the working noise is small, the charge coefficient is high, does not need the maintenance basically and so on the characteristic, the equipment investment is lower than the stirring tank about 20%, in addition, does not change the appearance size condition, may carry on the transformation to the original mechanical stirring tank. Aseptic operation is highly reliable, the equipment has no movable sealing device, no leakage, and no dead zone in the equipment, sterilization is complete, the chance of contamination is greatly reduced.

Discussion on main components of fermenter for environmental dedusting equipment manufacturer:

1, tank: mainly used for the cultivation and fermentation of various bacteria, good sealing.

2. There are agitators in the tank, which are used for continuous stirring in the fermentation process like aging furnace.

3. A Sparger, aerated at the bottom of a fermenter, for breathing in air or oxygen necessary for the growth of bacteria.

4. There are control sensors on the top plate of the fermentation tank in the laboratory, and pH electrodes and DO electrodes are commonly used to monitor the change controller of pH and DO of fermentation broth during the fermentation process, and to display and control the fermentation conditions, etc.


Wuxi environmental protection equipment manufacturers talk about easy to achieve large scale and automation, the volume of equipment can be from 0.02m3 to 200m3, no manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance difficulties. The control factor of the equipment is less than that of the stirring tank, so it is easy to realize automatic control. Increase the yield and conversion rate, the mechanical shear force of the equipment has little harm to microorganisms, plus sufficient dissolved oxygen and timely heat removal, providing a good growth environment for microorganisms, effectively promoting metabolism, accelerating product accumulation, so that the product yield and conversion rate are significantly improved.

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