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A qualified fermentation tank should have excellent characteristics

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A qualified fermentation tank should have excellent characteristics

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Only qualified products can be put into normal use, so a qualified fermenter products should meet the good characteristics of what, the following wuxi environmental equipment manufacturers to take a look at the relevant description.

1, the structure is tight, can withstand repeated sterilization of steam, the inner wall is smooth, corrosion resistance is good, so as to facilitate complete sterilization and reduce the influence of metal ions on the biological reaction of the circulating fan;

2. Good gas-liquid-solid contact and mixing performance and efficient heat, mass and momentum transfer performance;

3. Reduce the energy consumption of fermentation tank on the premise of maintaining the requirements of biological reaction;

4. Good heat exchange performance to maintain the suitable temperature for biological reaction;

5. Feasible pipeline proportion and instrument control, suitable for sterilization operation and automatic control. With the development of glutamic acid fermentation in high efficiency and energy saving fermenter, new technology and new technology are constantly adopted. In particular glutamic acid fermentation using large species, large air volume, flow sugar continuous tank fermentation process. The original traditional fermenter is not enough to meet the requirements of the new fermentation technology. Also can not adapt to the need of high efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction fermentation.


The main points of maintenance of fermentation equipment for shell of electric furnace manufacturer are as follows:

1. If air leakage occurs in the connection between the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe, if the problem is not solved by tightening the connection of the pneumatic ball valve, fillers should be added or replaced.

2, the pressure gauge and safety valve should be regularly checked, in case of failure to timely replacement or repair.

3. When cleaning the fermenter, please use a soft brush for scrubbing and do not use a hard device to scratch, so as to avoid damage to the surface of the fermenter.

4, the supporting instrument should be checked once a year to ensure the normal use.

5. Electrical appliances, meters, sensors and other electrical equipment are strictly prohibited from contacting with water and steam directly to prevent moisture.

6. When the equipment stops using, it should be cleaned in time to drain the remaining water in the fermenter and pipes; Loosen the lid of the fermentation tank and the hand hole screw to prevent permanent deformation of the sealing ring.

7, operating platform, temperature water tank and other carbon steel equipment should be regularly painted to prevent corrosion.

8, often check the reducer oil level, such as lubricating oil is not enough, need to increase in time.

9. Replace reducer lubricating oil regularly to extend its service life.

10. If the fermentation tank is not used for the time being, it is necessary to empty the fermentation tank and drain the remaining water in the tank and pipes.

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