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How can fermenter achieve sterilization thoroughly?

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How can fermenter achieve sterilization thoroughly?

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What are the basic requirements that qualified fermenters should have, and what are the conditions that need to be met? Below, the manufacturer of environmental dedusting equipment and everyone look at the relevant description of the basic conditions of fermenters.

Basic conditions of fermentation tank mechanical stirring fermentation tank is to use the role of mechanical agitator, so that the air and fermentation broth fully mixed, to promote the oxygen dissolved in the fermentation broth, to ensure the supply of microbial growth and reproduction, fermentation required oxygen. The fermenter should have a tight pneumatic ball valve structure, which can withstand repeated sterilization by steam, smooth inner wall and good corrosion resistance, so as to facilitate complete sterilization and reduce the impact of metal ions on biological reactions.

Wuxi environmental protection equipment manufacturers talk about the ferment tank should have a good gas-liquid-solid-contact and mixing performance and efficient heat, mass, momentum transfer performance; Reduce the energy consumption of fermentation tank while maintaining the requirement of biological reaction. Good heat exchange performance to maintain the biological reaction suitable for temperature; There are feasible pipeline proportion and instrument control, suitable for sterilization operation and automation control.

In the process of using the fermenter, it is necessary to sterilize the fermenter, but the phenomenon of incomplete sterilization often exists, so how to ensure the complete sterilization of the fermenter, let's take a look at the specific related instructions.

The structure of the fermentation tank is complicated, and it is not easy to disinfect the inner corners. The general fermentation tank is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, which can completely sterilize after cleaning. Before sterilizing the culture medium, it is usual to steam sterilize and air dry the separating air filter attached to the tank. When sterilizing the solid tank, drain and rinse the sewage in the feeding pipeline, then pump the prepared medium to the fermentation tank (seed tank or feed tank), and start the agitator to sterilize. Before sterilization, open each exhaust valve, introduce the steam into the jacket or snake tube for high-temperature fan preheating, wait for the tank temperature to rise to 80~90℃, gradually turn down the exhaust valve.

All the intake gas to smooth, prevent short circuit counter-current, tank liquid turnover to be intense; All exhaust steam should also be smooth, but exhaust steam volume should not be too large, in order to save gas. In the stage of heat preservation, steam should be admitted into all pipelines and punching mirror tubes that are imported below the medium level. All openings above the liquid level should exhaust steam. No matter how the pipeline connected with the tank is prepared, the principle of "in or out" should be followed in the real elimination.


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