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Cleaning method of fermentation equipment and attention to detail

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Cleaning method of fermentation equipment and attention to detail

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Wuxi environmental equipment manufacturer explains about the cleaning of fermentation equipment in the process of use, what matters needing our attention, let's take a look at the following about the cleaning of fermentation equipment simple instructions.

Environmental dedusting equipment manufacturers talk about the improper configuration of reduction gear in the production of fermentation equipment. In the situation of higher requirements for shaft seals, such as the use of mechanical seals, should choose the shaft swing smaller high temperature fan reducer, and some manufacturers will use relatively low price of turbine reducer, because the shaft swing, coupled with the stirring shaft swing. Change thin kettle body or heat transfer jacket steel plate, especially the higher price of stainless steel plate, this is very dangerous. The deterioration of the strength and stiffness of the vessel may lead to the explosion of the equipment.


The fermentation process will produce a large number of proteins, hops resin, polysaccharides, yeast and other organic matter and calcium oxalate, sulfate and other inorganic matter, after the fermentation tank empty, organic matter and inorganic dirt adhere to the tank wall, brown. A large amount of tartar, the surface appears white, like the saline-alkali surface, inorganic and organic matter interwoven together. Factors influencing the cleaning effect include cleaning intensity, cleaning agent temperature, cleaning agent type and concentration, cleaning time, inner wall roughness of fermentation tank, etc.

The cleaning of the fermentation equipment of the shell of the electric furnace manufacturer is as follows:

1, the use of caustic soda cleaning, only for the removal of organic matter, cleaning temperature reached 80℃ above, will have a better cleaning effect. When cleaning with a single nitric acid cleaning, only inorganic has a certain effect, almost ineffective for organic matter.

2. Part of the anti-corrosion layer T541 on the wall of the fermentation tank was damaged. After repair, the surface finish decreased significantly, resulting in difficulty in cleaning the dirt on the wall of the tank.

3. Wear or blockage of the can washer or the ball, resulting in incomplete cleaning of part of the fermentation tank and accumulation of dirt.

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